Waterproof Labels

Waterproof Labels

When Labels are to be made for the moist conditions, wet weather, rainy season or to be used in water, the first and the foremost requirement for the labels is to be Water resistant or Waterproof.

Labelprintingco.com offers the six different designs of Waterproof labels designs; Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom, Die-Cut and Oval are available in all sizes, all shapes and all colors.

Typically, the Waterproofing Labels are made with the material which is water resistant. So, paper, cardboard, UV coated material or clear transparent Vinyl, all the materials used to print the Waterproofed Labels, must be water resistant and waterproof. Keeping their specific nature, Labels are normally printed with full, bright, sharp and shining colors so that they may be visible in water or water like conditions whereas CMYK basic colors are also used to print some of the Labels. Embossing and stamping is rarely applied during the printing but for very costly, luxury and high priced products, such as, the labels of waterproof, being printing for the outdoor windows, doors and vehicles. Waterproof labels, printed on Gold or Silver foiled material are a rarity and can be applied on demand of the ordering customer. The total process of the printing of the labels is done as planned in the Marketing Mix of the ordering company and the product.

Out team of highly skilled, trained and professional workers print the cheap yet of high quality labels, as per requirements and need of the company. The shipment team ensures the free, in time, safe and prompt delivery within United States, regardless of the size or weight of the order.


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