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Shrink Sleeve Labels
Shrink Sleeve labels are printed, using the concept of state of the art technology of 3D printing where 360 degrees of an image is printed on the product to display a complete image around the product. Appropriately useful to be used for the round or four-cornered products, such as, bottles, Shrink Sleeves is the very popular type of label which has become a symbol of industry standard.

Six designs of the Shrink Sleeve, offered by Labelprintingco.com, are Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Custom, and Die-Cut which enables the customer to get the printing of the labels in any shape, any size or any colors, as per Marketing mix of the customer.

Shrink Sleeves labels used in the industry and business world are printed on any type of the material, ranging from paper (normal or superfine), UV coated material and clear transparent/white Vinyl plastic. The selection of the material is made keeping in view the product and the bottle style of the bottle.

Similarly, the printing of the images and text is also made with full, sharp, lively, cheerful, shining and eye-catching colors to make the product very attractive and distinct in the showroom. The Embossing or stamping, in most of the cases, is liked and has become a standard in the food industry. In case of very high priced food products, such as, alcohol of famous bands, are labeled which are printed on Gold / Silver foiled material.

After printing of best quality and cheap Shrink Sleeve Labels, the free shipment is made within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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