Correction Labels

Correction Labels

Want to correct something which is written wrong on the package you are shipping or simply want to hide some details from the receiver? The correction labels might be helpful.

The correcting labels can be used to correct any type of mistake whether it’s a typing error, misprinting or some damaged part, the correcting labels will be best for you. These stickers can also come handy when you want to hide some manufacturing fault in your item.

The correction labels are printed from high quality paper or PVC plastic which will make sure that the fact you are trying to hide by using the labels for correction. The paper material will be suitable on places where paper or cardboard is being used. While the PVC plastic material can be used to hide pigments or errors from plastic products.

The labels being used for correction purposes can include variety of shapes including round, square, rectangle and oval ones are the most common shapes. But, if you are looking for some customized shapes then the custom and die-cut ones are suitable for you. The die-cut labels can be used when you want to have the labels printed in some unique and unusual shape while the custom shape can be used when you want to add text.

The correction labels can also be printed in different colors by using our full-color option which means any color or pattern of colors can be achieved to match the original item for rectification.

You can get all your labels for correction printed at low rates while the shipping of all the ordered items will be done without any incurring cost.


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