Address Labels

Address Labels

One type of three Address Labels is printed with address of the sender or receiver of the letter or consignments are left blank and are to be filled manually by the dispatcher. The other type of Labels is printed with the address of the receiver or receiver of the letter or consignment and then labels are stuck on the required surface. On more type of the Labels are printed with the address of the sender and these are stuck on the specified place to get the letter / consignment back if undelivered. During the printing of Labels for address, either the full address is printed or the only template is printed and the details are left to be filled by the dispatcher. Sometimes, rolls of the Labels are printed with templates and to be filled by computer printer.

Six types of Address Labels designs, offered by, are; Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Custom and Di-Cut in any shape, any size and any color but with sticking background.

Typically, these labels are printed on the paper (superfine or rough), soft/hard cardboard, UV coated material or the clear transparent Vinyl plastic; all depending upon the requirements of the customers. Embossing and stamping is normally not required but in very rare cases. Similarly, the Gold and Silver foiled material is not used for printing the Labels.

The Addressing Labels are typically printed to make the cheap and are complied with the order specifications of the ordering company. Free shipments to the destination within United States are ensured regardless of the size of the order consignment.            


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