Name Labels

Name Labels

Name labels are a popular type of labels among the children and the educators of the junior school teachers, play groups students and administrators of day care centers. These labels are printed with either some popular names, pet names, names of all the children of the school with their images on them or names of popular and intelligent / ranked students, their ranks & their photos / photos of some famous icons / photos of some players / Photos of stars /photos of some childhood heroes and so on. The purpose of the naming labels is to provide the children to reward a student in a different way so  that students may feel proud of themselves. These labels are also used to stick on the bags of nursery schools’ children to make the bags distinguishable, easily. offers six different designs of labels which are Rectangular, Round, Square, Oval, Custom or Die-Cut with the option to get labels printing in any size, any color or any shape.

Typically, the labels for names are printed on the very fine and glazed material, preferably on the Vinyl plastic to make them either almost permanent or, at least, long lasting. The named labels should be water resistant or, at least, the moist resistant so that they can be easily washed whenever they get dirty.

Images of the text on the labels are printed with full, bright, sharp, eye-catching colors to make them very attractive for the children and embossing or stamping is a norm for the labels for naming. Some of the very high-class name labels for ranking, promising and brilliant children may be printed on the Gold / Silver foiled material to make them distinguishable.

After the printing of the cheap and quality naming labels, the free, in time, safe and prompt shipment is made within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.               


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