Vinyl Labels

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl Labels are the special type of labels but used for two specific purposes; to be used with glass products and target places to be part of the environment and to be rather durable and water resistant. Vinyl plastic, used to print labels, is of two types; clear transparent and white / colored but have different applications. Both are used to print labels for different styles, for different products and with different aim in mind. offers five different designs Vinyl plastic labels; Rectangular, Square, Round, Die-Cut and Custom Labels of vinyl and these labels are offered in all sizes, all shapes and all colors.

Vinyl based labels are printed are either on clear transparent Vinyl plastic, on white plastic or colored one, depending upon the requirements of the customer. For printing labels for the products the surface or ingredients of which are important to be displayed, such as, glass bottles, glass of windows and doors, looking glass, some packaging of the plastic, toys, vehicle windscreens, clear transparent Vinyl is used. While for the other products which required for usage in moist, water resistant, rainy season, seaside / water resorts or the products which are used in water or water related products, white / colored or transparent Vinyl is applied.

Similarly, when labels are to be printed on transparent Vinyl and for the see through products, the full, sharp, shining, attractive and eye-catching colors are to be used to print images and text. For the while Vinyl labels, the CMYK basic colors can also be applied. In some situations, embossing or stamping is also applied during the printing process, as per the Marketing mix.

After careful, cheap but still up to good quality printing of labels, the order is shipped, free, safe, in time and prompt within United States, regardless of the size, weight or cost of the order.   


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