Resin Domed Labels

Resin Domed Labels

Resin Domed labels are a popular type of labels, added on the products used by children and some of the lady’s products. Hotly popular in industry and homes, the resin labels are extensively affixed on the toys and other products of children. Children love to paste them on the notebooks while the playgroup teacher applies them widely during the education and learning.

To make resin domed material, tough yet flexible is mixed with a hardening substance and the mixture is injected below label surface to make controlled droplets. And after droplets are dried for the 24 hours, the domed labels are shipped. offers six different designs and types of this very delicate and sophisticated Resin Domed Labels, such as, Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Die-Cut and Custom and in any shape, in any color and in any color.

Resin based Domed labels are typically printed on a special type of material which has been laminated with clear and transparent or white Vinyl plastic with high opacity. Images and text are printed with full, sharp, bright eye-catching colors making the labels very attractive for the children. CMYK basic colors are rarely used to print these labels. Some of the very few, high-priced and very high-quality children products are affixed with labels printed on Gold / Silver foiled material.

As the printing of the Resin labels is a very professional job, every effort is made to print the cheap yet high-quality labels. The printed labels are shipped, free, in time, safe and prompt within the United States, regardless of the size, weight or cost of the consignment.   


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