Bottle Labels

Bottle labels

Bottle labels are those kind of labels which can be used to label your bottled products. The bottled items like beverages, cosmetics and daily household are labeled using the bottling labels.

These labels are used on almost all items which are shipped in bottles and the labels must look unique to make them different from others. The bottles can be of any type including baby, water, beer and wine bottles.

The labels for bottles are usually printed from vinyl or PVC material to make sure that the labels are waterproof and also don’t lose their form when used by hands. But, if you want to get classic looking labels for your bottles then, the paper material can also be used.

The labels for bottled products come in different shapes like round, square, rectangle and oval which are considered the standard shapes. If you want to add any kind of text on the labels then the custom shaped bottling label is best for you while the die-cut ones will ensure that your desired label is printed for the bottle.

The labels can be printed in the full-color option which will allow us to get any kind of color and image printed on the label as per the specification of the customer.

The team of professional designers will ensure that the final product is printed as per your specifications and all your thoughts and ideas are reflected on them. Our designing services are provided free of cost which means you can ask the designers to give you the best possible choice for printing.

All the printed labels are pre-added with glue on their back so, you can readily add them to your items. You can also get your ordered bottle labels printed free of cost without any additional cost.


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