Premium Paper Labels

Premium Paper Labels

Premium paper labels, as is evident from the name, are premium quality labels which are not only printed on the premium quality paper but printing is also of premium quality. Premium quality paper labels are printed on the superfine, high quality, glazed and in some cases laminated paper. These paper labels are used for a high quality, high priced or some of the luxury products expressing extravagance and superfluity. In some cases, these premium quality labels are used for the products of children or ladies.

Six designs of the Paper based labels, offered by, are; Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Die-Cut and Custom and to be printed in any shape, in any size, and in color.

The premium quality paper labels are printed on the best quality and superfine paper or soft / hard cardboard. After printing, paper labels are laminated with clear transparent Vinyl plastic. The images and text are printed with the full, bright, sharp, attractive and eye-catching colors whereas the usage of CMYK basic colors is rarely used for the premium paper quality. Premium paper labels can be embossed or stamped, as per the Marketing plan of the company and marketing mix of the product. Some of the embossing can be done with the help of Gold / Silver foiled material to make labels for the very high quality, high priced, extravagant products to add in its prime value and appreciation.

Special care is taken to print cheap yet labels of high-quality labels and the shipment of the same are done free, safe, in time and prompt within the United States, regardless of the size or weight of the consignment.      


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