Bath & Beauty Labels

Bath & Beauty Labels

The bath & beauty labels are the most common type of labels which are used to add labels and other details to the beauty and bathing products. The labels used on the cosmetic items are called the beauty labels while the labels used to add labeling to bathing and personal use items are known as bath labels.

The bath and beauty labels can be used on different items like shampoo, toothpaste, lipsticks, eyeliners etc. These labels can also be used to add bar-codes to your items.

The bathing and beauty labels can be printed by us in different shapes like round, square, rectangular and oval ones. But, if you are looking for something more personalized then the custom and die-cut options will suit you. The custom bath and beauty labels can be printed with any kind of text on them whether it be your brand name, item name, price or other specifications. The die-cut label enables you to have your desired shape printed and you can also choose this option to get your labels printed to match the shape of the product they are being added to.

The labels can be printed in multiple materials including paper, cardboard and vinyl. The paper material makes your labels look elegant and thinner so they can be applied to items without making them too ye catching. Cardboard material is just like paper but, it can have textures on it and is also stiff than paper. The Vinyl material is useful when you want to add waterproofing to your labels.

We offer full-color printing option for all the bath & beauty labels which means you can not only get your labels printed in white or black but, also select to print your desired color.

We offer free shipping on all the ordered labels which means you will be able to have your labels delivered to your doorsteps without paying a dime.


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