Letterpress Labels

Letterpress Labels

Letterpress labels are those kind of labels which are printed by embossing a letter on the label. The embossed letter means that your desired alphabet is physically printed on the labels. The embossed labels will look beautiful as well as give uniqueness in look.

These labels can be used when you want your labels to be branded with your company name or simply want them to look unique. These labels are also used on labels when they are to be used on different items like postcards, toys and other things.

The letterpressed labels can be printed in different material including the paper and vinyl where paper is the most common type of label. The paper material can be used in multiple colors while it also provides options like elegance and classic look. The vinyl letterpress labels are useful when you want your labels to be waterproof and also add transparency.

The letterpressed labels can be printed in different shapes including square, rectangle, circle and oval ones. The custom labels are useful when you want to use some custom text on the printed labels while the die-cut one enables us to print the labels in any unique shape.

Although, the letter printed labels are already embossed with letters but, you can also customize them by using the foiling in gold and silver. You can also add an extra layer of protection by choosing from UV coating.

All the printed letterpress labels are shipped free of cost to any location in the United States which means you will be able to have your labels printed at cheap rates without compromising the quality.


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