Cut Vinyl Transfers Labels

Cut Vinyl Transfers Labels

Cut vinyl transfers labels are usually the regular type of transfer labels which are used to get permanent labels. The transfer labels are usually printed on a special material which can then be used to apply the actual label to your product.

The vinyl transfer labels are usually made from high quality materials which means the actual labels can hold on to the surface, they are being applied to, for a very long time. The transfer labels are usually printed from vinyl material but, they are attached to PVC plastic of solid color. A special tape is attached to the labels to attach them to the tape and then, that tape is applied to the surface to transfer the label from tape to the surface.

The vinyl transfers are usually printed in different shapes including the common ones like square, circle, rectangle and oval ones. You can also select from other shapes like custom which lets you add your desired text on the shape or you may simply select from die-cut one to get the unique shape printed.

The vinyl transfer labels can also personalized by adding details like emboss or stamp which will ensure that your labels look unique and different.

The vinyl transfer labels can be printed by using our full-color option which means you can have any kind of color or image printed on the labels.

All our ordered items are shipped free of cost to any location in the United States which means you will be able to have your cut vinyl transfers labels printed in cheap rates without compromising the quality.


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