Gold Labels

Gold Labels

The gold labels are those kind of labels which are printed from special materials. The gold colored labels can be used on places placing including jewelry shops to have your desired jewelry products labelled.

The golden labels doesn’t mean they are fully covered in the golden color but, they can also be plated in gold. Or they may simply include the gold foiling or anything in gold colors.

The labels are printed from paper material in white which is then plated with gold color to give them a look of golden labels. The labels are coated with specifically made gold in liquid color which is chemically bonded to the labels.

The labels in gold can be printed in different shape including 4 standard ones like round, square, rectangle and oval. While the custom shape allows you to have the shapes printed with any color on them while the die-cut ones ensure that the shape of your desires in printed.

You might also add embossing or stamping to your labels to give them physical uniqueness. If you choose to have your labels printed in plain color then, you might add gold foiling on them to give them a golden look. You can also protect your labels by adding a protection of layer which will ensure that all your labels don’t get scratched after using them on different products.

The gold labels printed by us have pre-added adhesive on their back which means you can start using them right away. You can also order the labels from us at cheap rates and you them delivered free of cost to any address in the United States.


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