Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels

Packaging labels are used for numerous purposes, such as, to display the details recipient/sender, the return conditions, instructions about the delivery, the details of the product(s) inside the package, and so on. Labels for packaging are typically used by the manufacturer, assembler, wholesaler, dealer, retailer, online seller or service oriented companies, such as, courier companies. offers six different designs, such as, Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Custom and Die-Cut and these are available in any shape, any size and any color.

For the packaging labels, the printing material must be very strong, durable, water and harsh weather resistant and preferably white color so that the details on it can be read easily. Normal industry practice is to use the paper or good & durable quality, soft / hard cardboard, UV coated material and in cases clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic. Again, the labels must be according to the size, weight and nature of the package for which the label is to be used. For printing the labels for the gift products or for courier companies, clear transparent Vinyl is preferred.

Images and/or text on the packaging label are printed with CMYK basic colors but if the packaging is to be used for the wraps of gift packs, full, bright, sharp and eye-catching colors are applied. Embossing and stamping can also be a part of the printed label if the label is to be used for gift wraps. Similarly, the Gold / Silver foiled material can also be applied for the printing of the labels for packages.

After the cheapest possible labels, the free shipment is done within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.


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