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Static Cling Window Labels
Static cling labels are a special type of labels which can be pasted, removed afterward and re-affixed on new target item without leaving any residue on the surface. Static Cling Windows labels are printed for the use of the glass windows, doors, windscreens of vehicles, showroom glass walls or on showcases. These are typically prepared with very strong and durable material and with a strong special type of sticking glue.

Labelprintingco.com offers six different designs of Static Cling Window Labels; Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Die-Cut, and Custom in any shape, any size, and any colors, as per requirements of the Marketing mix of the ordering company.

Static Cling Window labels can be printed on any material, ranging from paper (soft or hard), soft cardboard, UV coated material or Vinyl (clear, transparent or white). But, if the Static Cling labels are to be affixed indoor, different type of material can be used otherwise for the outdoor usage, the harsh weatherproof material must be used. In any case, one thing is very clear that a strong material is to be used which may not be destroyed and may not lose its shape and quality if removed from one targeted window and affixed again on the other space.

Similarly, the different combination of colors may be required for the printing of images and text if the Static Cling is to be clear and transparent. For the different type of Static Cling labels, the different color combination is used but traditionally, full, bright, sharp and eye-catching colors are used whereas in some conditions CMYK basic colors can also be used. Embossed and stamped labels are not a norm of the industry nor are Gold / Silver foiled material is used for printing. Anyhow, the lamination can be made with the Gold / Silver material on any label.

After the cheap and good quality labels, the free shipment is made within the United States, regardless of size and the weight of the order.

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