Candle Labels

Candle Labels

Do you manufacture your own candles and want to label them? The candle labels will be your best option as our printed labels for printing are customized and come in different shapes, colors and materials.

We print labels which can match any kind of shape of you candle. The candle labels can come in many shapes like the round, square, rectangle and oval ones. While the custom labels for candles ensure that you can have your desired text printed. The die-cut candle labels are suitable when you wish to label your candle which is not of usual shape.

All our labels made for candles are printed from different materials like cardboard, paper and vinyl where each of them have their own specifications and features. The paper printed labels look like regular paper but, also add elegance to the labels. The cardboard printed labels are also like the paper labels but, instead they are printed from some high quality paper or layers of papers added on each other to get stiffness. The vinyl material is waterproof as it is a kind of plastic but, the vinyl labels are transparent in look.

You can also have the labels for candles customized with colors where you have the option to select from a variety of colors which is made possible by our full-color printing option.

All our labels are per-glued from back which means you will be able to apply them to your candles right away and label your items. We use high quality glue which means your labels will remain attached to the candles for a long period of time.

Once you have finalized the candle labels then you might select to have your labels printed and shipped to your doorsteps where the delivery is done free of cost.


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