Soap Labels

Soap Labels

Soap labels are very common and extensively used labels for specifically use for the soap or related products. Labels for soaps are printed as per the soap inside the wrapper. The soap product labels are printed to match the accent, color or fragrance of the soap bar or soap container and typically, printed on the moist and water resistant material. The

Six Labels designs offered by are; Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom, Die-Cut or Oval in any shape, in any color and in any size. Company offers professional consultation services to make your order a distinct and as per the Marketing Mix of the customer.

Though a wide range of the materials can be used for the printing of the soap labels but one thing in mid that water resistant material is a must. Special types of paper or cardboard, UV coated material or the clear transparent / white Vinyl can be applied for the printing. 

Printing of the images and text with special care and minute selection of colors are made where the full, bright, very charming, sharp, shining and eye-catching color combination is applied in order to match the soap inside. Trends of target market are analyzed in order to select the best and prevailing combination of material and printing colors. Embossing / Stamping is the industry standard which followed to make label very attractive to the female, male or children. Gold / Silver foiled material may also be used in some cases where soap is to be used in high class of by celebrities.

Maximum efforts are made to print the cheap but of good quality labels and shipped free of cost to the customer within United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.       


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