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Silver Labels
Silver labels are either printed on Silver foiled material or printed in silver color on ordinary of a special type of the material. Silver colored labels printed on the Silver foiled material are used to symbolize something important, of the high price, significantly sensitive/delicate and/or a luxury item. Normally, labels which are silver are printed for the jewelry items, high quality, and priced products, some of the very costly alcohol, some of the mobile devices or some other thing of good quality and standard.

Labelprintingco.com offers six following designs of labels in any shape, in any color or in any size, depending upon the Marketing Mix of the customer; Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Die-Cut and Custom Labels. A team of a highly trained professional makes if certain that the order is printed as per the specification of the customer.

Depending upon the requirements of the customer, the material is selected, carefully, from the wide range of available materials, including good quality paper, soft or hard cardboard, UV coated material, the clear transparent/white Vinyl or PVC plastic. Similarly, the selection of the suitable combination of the full, bright, sharp, eye-catching and good saturation of appropriate colors is preferred. Special emphasis is given to the coupling of Silver material and printing of different colors in it or the Silver colored printing on the plain material. Embossing/stamping is highly recommended for printing of the Silver labels. Gold foiled material and the printing on it with Silver color are a very high-class combination which is liked for high-quality products.

After printing of the best quality yet cheaper labels, the free shipment to the customer is ensured within the United States regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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