Return Address Labels

Return Address Labels

These labels are a very popular and extensively applied in all the products which are shipped on the distance or online orders. In addition to the mailing label, one pre-printed label, Return Address labels, with the instructions to return the parcel to the sender, if undelivered, is affixed on the consignment in case the consignment is not delivered. Return-address labels are, typically, used by the companies, engaged in distance selling, online selling, wholesaler, some of the retailers, courier companies, and so on. In some orders, return address part of the labels is added below the mailing labels and both are affixed by the shipment department.

Six designs of the address Labels, offered by, are; Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Die-Cut and Custom and are offered in any shape, in any color and in any size.

The printing of the return addressing labels is made on the ordinary but safe and durable material which can sustain the harshness of the delivery process, shipment roughness, moist atmosphere and weather conditions. Paper of good and durable quality, soft cardboard, UV coated material and clear transparent / white Vinyl but water and moist resistant material. But for the return labels, the transparent material is rarely used.

For the printing of the images and text, normally CMYK basic colors are used; preferably the sharp red or blue colors. Full and bright colors are used in rare conditions.

The return address labels are typically printed at the cheapest with minimum lesser cost but on the very good, durable and strong material. The completed order is shipped, free, to the customer within the United States, regardless of the size of the order.


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