Home & Garden Labels

Home & Garden Labels

If you are looking for way to label your home and gardening labels then, you are at right place. The Home & garden labels are best for you as they are designed specifically for the home and gardening products.

The home and garden labels can be used to label specific items or you might simply add labels related to your work being done. The gardening labels might include information and branding like plant and flower identification. While the home labels can be used to label different rooms and other related items.

The home labels as well as the garden labels are printed from high quality material in different shapes where you can have your desired labels printed with any unique shape by using the die-cut option. The custom labels will ensure that all your desired text or brand name is added to the printed label. Traditional shapes like the round, square, rectangular and oval ones can also be printed.

We offer different materials for the printing of home and garden labels where you can choose from paper, vinyl and PVC plastic. The paper labels are the most commonly used ones which look classic yet simple. You can also have your labels printed in vinyl and PVC material where vinyl gives transparency while the PVC has solid color but, both of the provide waterproofing. The waterproof labels are suitable for gardens as they are more expected to get wet.

Our printed home & garden labels come with pre-applied high density adhesive on their back to ensure that the label holds on even after getting wet.

You can have all your home & garden labels printed at cheap rates while also keeping the premium quality. All our ordered items are shipped free of cost to any location in the United States.


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