Brushed Aluminum Labels

Brushed Aluminum Labels

If you are looking for some kind of special labels which give you a glimpse of the aluminum while keeping the properties of regular labels then, the brushed aluminum labels are suitable for you. These labels are printed on normal material but, once they have been printed, a special aluminum brush is used on the labels to give them a look and texture of aluminum.

The brushed labels might be used when you want to make your labels more unique without differing from the original printing material. The aluminum texture is added when the labels have been printed allowing you to select your desired pattern and its depth.

The brushed aluminum labels can be printed from different materials like vinyl or PVC plastic where both of them almost identical except the transparency which is provided by vinyl printed brushed labels.

Our customers can also select from different type of shapes to get their labels printed where common shapes like the square, rectangle, round and oval shapes are available. If you want to add custom text on the printed label then, the custom brushed label is best for you. While the die-cut aluminum label will ensure that the label gets printed in your favorite shape.

You can select to add any color on the label or simply select to have the label printed with multiple colors by using our full-color printing option. All the colors which are available for aluminum can also be printed on the labels to make sure your labels fully resemble the aluminum products.

Once you have chosen your desired shape, material and color then, you might order the labels from us in cheap pricing without compromising in the quality. We also offer free shipping on all ordered items to any location in the United States.


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